My review of Cirrus Marketing Intelligence – 5 out of 10

I’ve been with Cirrus Marketing Intelligence over 18 months now. They were founded in 1993 in Anaheim, California.

It’s been a hard relationship.

First, I’ve only done a handful of jobs in the time I’ve been registered. Second, I’ve always had to prompt them before being paid late everytime. Super annoying but I have always been paid.

With Cirrus you need to submit an invoice, which is found at the end of the guidelines for the job, at the end of the month that you do a job for them. After two more months they will directly deposit your pay into your Paypal account. They pay in USD. As I’ve already mentioned you will need to monitor the process to ensure you are paid.

That’s why I gave Cirrus 5 out of 10. Barely any jobs in my area and problems with the pay.

I’d love to hear about your your experiences with Cirrus. Please leave your comments below.

Would be great if you could say hi too in an email.


ISS – ISecretShop – 9 out of 10

It is just over two years that I’ve been with ISS.

ISecretShop is setup like Gigwalk. It is like a database that allows other mystery shopping companies to list their jobs. You would only contact ISS for technical questions about the app or web page. You would contact the MSP of the job for any questions in regards to the Mystery Shop that you requested and was approved to do.

Each job is paid on a different schedule. So you need to be up on details to know that. All completed jobs are listed under Payments as unpaid. That changes to Paid and date when your payment is deposited straight to pay pal. No requesting needed. They know you want your money.

They have many French language jobs.

They also goes through spurts with occasional quiet time. That is part of the reason why I rated them 9 out of 10. No consistency in work possibilities.

I enjoy my jobs with ISS, many repetitive high paying audits that I always snag my maximum 10 allowed jobs assigned at a time. A second part that contributed to the whole point deduction. I don’t like being limited in jobs I can request. Especially when accepting a regular very low paying job counts as six jobs for the time it’s accepted. Ridiculous.

You can make money here. Make sure you have notifications on and you’ll know instantly of new listings.

I’d love to hear about your own ISS experiences or just say hi. I’d also love to hear from other Canadian Mystery Shoppers!



180 days

That is the number of days until I get my life back. I understand that is phrased selfishly. I feel like being selfish.

Present treatments lined up adds to 180 days. 18 weeks of chemo and 30 days of radiation with a small interchange of treatments.

It’s been quite the whirlwind to this point. Near four months since the tumour was detected through a mammogram, breast surgery and recuperation time. Doctors don’t fool around. I can not complain on wait times. Or I’m just naive.

Really it’s day 1.

And I messed up. I forgot my pills that I was supposed to take with breakfast. So I slowed us done by near three hours. Very unfortunate on an already five hour day. The first time is slow. They introduce the drugs slowly to see how the body handles it. I seemed to do OK.

One chemo drug kills the nails and we must wear cold gloves and booties to slow absorption.20170420_113922

Everything was going well. Until dinner. The husband made Turkey a la King. It definitely did not agree with me.  Which is strange. We are fans of the chicken version.

I am trying to stay positive.

Day 2 has been OK.  My mouth tastes funny already and my pee smells horrid. Pills are going in OK.  Had to learn injections into my belly. Boo. Husband has been nominated for that. I’m squeamish with needles.

It’s good to have a strong man. I’ll understand the concept for just the case. Just sticking things in me goes against my idea of sane.

Canadian Twitter Parties

I love me a Twitter party. What is a Twitter party you ask? One of my hobbies.

It is a gathering that occurs on Twitter, generally hosted by a sponsor who is promoting something and working up a buzz in twitterland. Their goal is to trend so the #hashtag they’ve picked is as exposed to as many people as possible. To trend means the #hashtag is one of the top 10 convos on twitter at that time.

If there are prizes, there will probably be a few rules you need to ensure you are following to qualify. Like which #hashtag you must use in your messages and which party hosts you need to follow. Many twitter parties also need you to RSVP. You just need to ensure you are reading all rules so you are in the know. My same suggestion in my Mystery Shopping Tips.

I’ve won prizes so I know most hosts are legitimate.

There are many Canadian Twitter Party Lists out there. Some more updated/detailed than others. Over time you will find your favourite. Mommy Outside The Box  is a Canadian Twitter Party list that has been around a long time now.

I am not running a list. simply ensuring you know about a great way to have some awesome conversations, learn a lot from your peers, maybe share your own wisdom and possibly win a prize. It’s a great, usually, hour filled with laughs and always food porn. You won’t believe how fast the time goes with all the fun you’re having. You may even make a new friend or two.

Simply searching on twitter for “twitter party” will find them all. After that sorting through for parties that Canadians can attend can be the problem. That’s why the Canadian Twitter Party Lists are great, however not every party is always listed. Some parties don’t really need to bother, the host’s own promotion and word of mouth is often enough. 

Twitter parties are good for someone in need of conversation or companionship.

My biggest twitter party prize was $250 Visa.

What’s yours? Tell me in the comments.

If you have questions I may be able to help. You can ask in comments or use the contact form.

Be great if you could say hi too!

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Google Opinion Survey – 8.5 out of 10

Some of you will just roll your eyes at this suggestion. It is true that it is a slow-growing balance; however, if you’re a game player it’s a great way to pay for your diamonds or cows or whatever your game needs. We often rent a movie and with our Samsung S7 and then we’re able to screen mirror the movie onto a smart TV. Much better, in my opinion, than watching the movie on the phone, though we’ve done that curled up in bed a few times.

Google Opinion Rewards started March 29, 2012 by Google.

I find that I get two or three surveys a week from Google Opinion Rewards. The surveys are fast, generally just two or three questions. Often on businesses that you’ve recently been by. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to have your location on, you are probably not going to get very many survey offers.

The pay varies by the number of questions you answer. As with all surveys, your answers could alter how many questions you get and, then, the total earned per survey. Usually I earn between $0.20 and $0.40 a survey, but I have been paid as low as .$010 and as high as $1.

One con of Google Opinion Rewards is you never see real money. You have to spend all accumulated balance through Google Play, but as I  mentioned, you have many games and movies to pick from. Spending your balance won’t be a problem. Also, you can have multiple accounts on different emails and devices to multiply the ‘profit’.

The no real money and the small amount paid per survey is what lead me to pick 8.5 out of 10. Realistically, it’s perfect.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Google Opinion Rewards or just say hi.

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Sutter Marketing Mystery Shop – 8 out of 10

Sutter Marketing Mystery Shop – 8 out of 10

Sutter Marketing is one of my newer Mystery Shop companies. They started in Palatine, IL in 1976, expanding to Mystery Shopping in 2000. So, they have been around awhile.

I have only done approximately 12 jobs for them within the last nine months. All my jobs have been in fast food so far.

They have paid me on time and without prompting everytime and I have always been paid in American dollars.

This was why I gave them 8 out of 10 for their consistency and accuracy. They lost their two points for just not being very busy. I always have high hopes that companies will pick up more contracts.

I’d love to hear your stories about Sutter Marketing and your mystery shopping experiences in general.

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Bare International – 9 out of 10

Bare International – 9 out of 10

Bare International Mystery Shopping

Bare International is an American Mystery Shop company founded in 1987 in Fairfax, Virginia. The company has contracts here in Canada and they seek new Canadian shoppers.

I have been with Bare International about 2 years now and I have never had any issues, at all. I have always been paid on time, without prompting and they pay through PayPal, like most mystery shop companies do these days. I have always been paid in American dollars. Anytime I have had a question, the schedulers have gotten back to me immediately or within a few hours.

I rated Bare International nine out of ten based on their consistency, friendliness and helpfulness. They lost the point because they’re just not that busy in my area.

I’d love to hear from other mystery shoppers, say hi please.

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