Gigwalk – 6 out of 10

Gigwalk is an American business that let’s other companies list their mystery shops on the Gigwalk app. It works a little different than most mystery shop companies.

I’ve been with Gigwalk over four years now. I have always been paid accurately and on time. Usually, I’m paid with American money.

Shoppers are not paid by Gigwalk, they are paid by the company listing the mystery shop. Gigwalk staff is only available for technical questions about the app.

Unfortunately, in my area anyway, there are very few Canadian mystery shops listed through Gigwalk. I’ve done about 20 jobs in the past four years.

That is why I rated Gigwalk a 6. Maybe you’ll have better luck and find more work.

Share your Gigwalk experiences in the comments or say hi through the contact form. I love hearing from other Canadian Mystery Shoppers.

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