I thought I’d share points and tips I’ve learned over the years.

Like everything on the internet, the list will grow over time, so please check back.

Mystery Shopping Tips List

    1.  Do not be tricked, you do not have to pay to join reputable Mystery Shops companies anymore..
    2. Save all receipts and notes from jobs for at least six months.  7 years if you claim as a business. They occasionally get in touch weeks after the job and it’s hard to remember.
    3. Carefully read everything related to the mystery shop. Sometimes procedures change, and you need to ensure you are not missing any steps. Rereading your written notes just before you do a shop helps ensure you remember all the steps.
    4. Be willing to do the smaller jobs, in the beginning at least. It will keep your name fresh in the minds of the schedulers. 
    5. These days it’s best to keep a list of Mystery shopping companies that you register with. Especially if you are like me and join many, too many Phishing schemes out there.
    6. Prepare for your job the day ahead. This gives your brain time to muddle through the points. Reread the guidelines before you do the shop to keep everything fresh.

Please say hi if you are a Canadian Mystery Shopper.

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