This week in my Mystery Shopping life

May 29th to June 4th

I did very little work this week. 4 jobs in fact. Mostly because I spent two different days with my two children, I’m headed back to nearly a week resting and like to touch base often. Also, a blood test, a doctor’s appointment and chemo kept me busy a few days, as well.

Previous Week Recap

$123 total before about $46 in expenses including $4 in surveys. I was doing more employee mystery shops and started finding them more frequently.  A few more gas jobs and lottery tickets were my reimbursements. I understand it is a pretty low paying week. The $77 could cover a week of groceries, a bill or maybe a fun date night for my small family. Any of those are worth the effort.

Future weeks Forecast

I already have 22 jobs booked between June 5th to June 17th, at this point. Some audits, one out of town route and many retail mystery shops. Keeping me busy and out enjoying the beautiful weather. Around the rain storms, anyway.

May 22nd to May 28th

Slow week. I did more employee mystery shops this week, this time finding a couple employees for full pay. I did a few other jobs, one rating a mall at opening. Easy peasie. 

Previous Week Recap

Two short out of town routes generated $250. $60 for the employee mystery shops and $80 for gas and a few other jobs. $390 with $85 in expenses. Those bumped high by gas jobs, out of town routes and snacks while driving. 

Future weeks Forecast

Another chemo is definitely in my future. As always, I’m watching all my resources scouring for future work.

May 15th to May 21st

I took work starting the 16th. I probably should have waited a bit longer, I felt runned down the first few days, but I have found six $18 mystery shops that intrigued me.

It is the exact same job I’ve done for three different mystery shop companies now. The first change was a huge fisaco in the newspaper.

Apparently, there were many scams going on, but truthfully, I never encountered any problems like that with the employees I mystery shopped over any of the three mystery shop companies I dealt with. This company was the first to not pay full rate when the employee I was looking for was not working that day. It was disappointing, but they had listed it would occur, but out of six jobs one would think I’d have found at least one.

I also booked more gas jobs. I love free gasoline! They are low paying jobs overall, but sometimes I take those anyway.

They certainly help when I take out of town routes. Which I booked two of this weekend.

Previous Week Recap

Another OKish week.

$203 (including $5 in surveys) with about $60 in expenses. Little lower than an average week, which I guage to be approximately $250 with $35 in expenses. 

I found some $20 audit dollar jobs this week and snagged six of those. There was also gas station jobs, I succeeded in getting four of those. Four gas jobs really bump the expenses. I did a three day job logging my shopping for $20 as well as a couple small jobs. I’ve always lived by every little bit helps. I did have chemo on the 11th so half the week was off the table.

Future weeks Forecast

Slow and steady. My diligence in watching my email and boards will find me future jobs that fit my chemo routine.

May 8th to May 14th

Two blood tests, a surgery and chemo kept me busy this week. All iced with Mother’s Day at the end.

Previous Week Recap

$431 total before about $65 in expenses. Pretty good week but I lucked out with some high paying audits and a well paying out of town travel route. Pays to obsessively watch the job boards and emails for first cracking at jobs

Future weeks Forecast

I have two short out of town routes planned and more of the employee audits. I’ve also booked low paying lottery ticket jobs. They give me something to dream and hope with.

May 1st to May 7th

I ended up working alot of the week. I took it slow and easy. One day I cancelled some phone jobs and a store visit. I just didn’t have the energy to pretend. I always feel bad to cancel and it will hurt my future chances of getting good work. Of course, my income lowers as well. Never enjoyed.

Previous Week Recap

No mystery shops, just surveys. $10 in total from surveys.

Future weeks Forecast

Back to no job booking. Though I’m hoping to bounce faster this time.

April 24th to April 30th

I’m still not booking jobs.

Previous Week Recap

I had no jobs. Being home has me accessing a few more surveys and I earned $16 dollars in surveys.

Future weeks’ Forecast

I am starting to feel better and have booked jobs for May 1st.

 April 17th to April 23rd

I’m on official sick leave. No jobs are booked.

Previous Week Recap 

Groceries, gas and alcohol were the reimbursed purchases this week. 14 jobs and four surveys. I made approximately  $217 with nearly $30 in the expenses. This really is a more normal week. $500 or $600 a month is the usual pay I receive. Approximately 7 weeks ago when I was earning over $1,000 a week, that was special. Loved but not the norm.

Future weeks’ Forecast

No work is planned. It’s even a little depressing and stressful.

Most Mystery Shop companies that I deal with these days, use a format where you book, approximately a week in advance, the jobs that you want to do. Those won’t be very helpful to me over the next six months. I will be going back to relying on Mystery Shop companies like Field Agent and Bounty. They give you two or one hour, respectively, to do your Mystery Shop jobs. Generally not the way  I prefer, I’m a planner, but more suiting to my needs at the moment.

I will also be looking out for the Mystery Shop phone jobs. I generally avoid those types of jobs but right now they suit me more.

April 10th to April 16th

I’m still booking jobs. I have about eleven jobs booked for the week, so far. Life’s getting very busy on personal levels, though, so I won’t be making near as much as I would hope to have.

I won’t be earning near as much for the next six months. I hope to get some work in but I will not be able to work daily like I tend to do.

Previous Week Recap 

I did 26 Mystery Shop jobs in total. A pretty busy week for me in general . Approximately $365 total before $85 in expenses. That includes 5 surveys at $9 and let’s not forget the two great samples from BzzReport. Half a tank of gas and fast food were free parts of my mystery shops.

To ensure that that there is no doubt about click-throughs I did not even give you a link to the BzzReport site. Super easy to find online. You’ll just have to answer a few surveys which could take 20 minutes. Then the next time you qualify for a campaign, they will contact you by email and you’ll have the option of selecting it or not. It’s fun trying new things.

Future weeks’ Forecast

I doubt I’ll be doing any work pass the 16th. Time will only tell. I will definitely be working again in the future. I’m just not sure within the next 6 months when that might be. Keep an eye on the blog to see. 

April 3rd to April 9th

I have a couple jobs everyday this week. Lots of electronics, they never seem to pay well. I’m hoping for about $230 before about $60 in expensives. 5 jobs Monday. 2 jobs Tuesday, 1 job Wednesday – I actually cancelled 3 jobs and stayed home, it was a bad day. 10 jobs Thursday. 3 jobs Friday. 5 jobs coming Saturday. Gas and groceries were free this week. $6 in surveys. Free full size Secret deodorant and full size Olay exfoliating cream. BZZAGENT doesn’t fool around. 

Previous Week Recap

I ended up not getting my three day circuit. Very unfortunate but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I didn’t work as much as I liked.

$167, including $7 from 3 surveys. Very little expensives.

One problem I encountered is a shop I’d done over a dozen times changed their rules. However, the changes weren’t listed in the email. I’d accepted it and drove there before opening the documents. Big mistake. You’d think I’d know all this by now, but obviously I don’t.

Future weeks’ Forecast

I won’t be taking very many jobs past the 18th of April. I won’t completely stop, but life is getting busy and planning ahead will be hard. These will be times I prefer mystery shopping companies that give you and hour or two to complete your jobs as opposed to a weeks notice.

March 27th to April 2nd

I decided I should watch my credit, just in case, and tried to join Credit Karma. Apparently I don’t know myself and didn’t answer their qualifying questions right. It’s amusing to me. Thirty days and I can try again. I’d appreciate hearing your stories about Credit Karma. It’s apparently new to Canada. Is it worth my bothering in 30 days? Should I be worried about credit fraud with all the applications I’ve been doing?

I have joined at least 16 new mystery shopping companies in the past two weeks. So, so many skills/grammar tests. As usual, most are American companies but there was a couple Canadian companies as well. There was only two jobs in my area, neither of which I accepted since I’m still holding out for the three day circuit.

Previous Week Recap

What started out quiet ended busily. I did a 15 hour drive and the kitty was padded. Two jobs Tuesday, 15 hour drive Friday, 2 jobs Saturday and 1 job Sunday. Approximately $400 before expenses, which would be about $125 counting gas, food and drink. Not a bad week.

Future weeks’ forecast

Three gas jobs are lined up by the 3rd. Not one of my better paying jobs but gas is good. Past the 2nd I have one circuit trip booked for $125, 35 expenses, on the 8th. That’s all.

 March 20th to March 26th

I have one job signed up for Tuesday. A quick mystery shop that should be done in less than an hour, including travel. $22 USD. Not too shabby, in my opinion. I hadn’t planned on working but I found I couldn’t refuse. I tried for two jobs on Wednesday but they were not approved in time and I deselected them. While staying home I tried a few contests that I saw on twitter. I ended up winning tickets to the remake of CHIPS movie remake wikipedia.  It was pretty good I went with my daughter. Dax really wanted to put himself out there. 😉Not that anyone asked, but I give the remake 3.25 out of 5. Lots of silly laughs.

I plan on working on the blog more over the rest of the week.

I was approved for a long day of driving and mystery shop doing Saturday. 15 hours driving. In  a snow storm this time. It was a long day.

Future weeks

I have applied for many jobs 03/31 and suspect I’ll start hearing about them all. My definite preferred way to book a mystery shop, with days notice instead of hours. I’m a planner.

I have one job signed up for the 31st so far. I applied for about six more. I found one company seeking auditors on April 1st, hopefully I’ll score a couple of those. Tho at edit I have put in a bid for a three-day circuit. I’ll cancel the audit job requests should my bid be taken. I have other requests in for the following week. The offers are rolling in, as usual, through email.

That is a definite downside. So oo oo, many emails. I read of some shoppers that filter their emails automatically deleting, seemingly, unwanted offers, but I’m old fashion I guess, I like to know which jobs are out there. Just know it is capable if you prefer to filter. RTFM & KISS

Previous Week Recap

Zip. Hurts to type that. I had been on such a roll, it’s hard to return to regular times. Here’s hoping it ramps up quick.

Money came into my PayPal from past jobs, so that was good. Always nice to be paid. Occasionally, I’ll be paid in less than 14 days, but generally it’s a 30 to 90 day wait. I have journals and still write by hand all my jobs to keep track of them. Checking them off when paid.

Truthfully, I’ve had little problems being paid. One company never seems to pay me without a reminder but I have received all payments. That’s the only problem I’ve had,  except with Field Agent.  They often refuse my jobs with little explanation and no chance to fix your errors and resubmit. That is why I do not suggest using your credit card with Field Agent.

March 12th to March 19th

This week I’m not working. Nothing is lined up because of that. I plan on organizing here more over that time.

Next week forecast

At edit I have no jobs booked. The offers are rolling in, though. I’m still checking emails, but I’m needing about 10 days.

I received an email from a job I’d done two weeks before asking for more information. Ensure you are keeping all notes and receipts for at least six months. For years if you claim as a business on your income tax.

Previous Week Recap

Gas, wine, coffee shop snacks and six meals at a popular fast food restaurant. This week all jobs seem to include a purchase.

Around $300 is the kitty this week. $100 is expense pay, so really $200 earned. A big difference from past weeks, that’s for sure, but still a pretty good part time income.

March 5th to March 11th

After three weeks of more than abundant work, I am happy Sunday has nothing booked. My mate and I are planning a lazy day in bed. Pizza and the PVR. Doesn’t get much better than that. With his ridiculous hours, we don’t see each other very often.

Mother Nature is encouraging the day in bed in fact, frigid temperatures have returned to Canada. -30 C with the wind. BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr! The snow bunnies can have it.

I will admit, no doubt, I will be checking for new job postings at least once or twice. It’s a small problem, but admitting it is half the battle, right?

Next week forecast

Presently I only have work on Thursday. What a difference one week can make.

Later edit:  Jobs are lined up for Friday and Saturday now. This is a contract that I receive expense pay for long hours of driving.

Previous Week Recap

It was a frustrating week. Even after all my years I still make mistakes. You need to super carefully read all emails, guidelines and job forms thoroughly. Missing one step returned six jobs unaccepted. $96 USD lost. What a waste of time. Learn from me, ensure you are completely reading everything.

Because of the error, my pay projection wasn’t met. Also, all the wasted gas. Approximately $375 earned before expenses.

February 26th – March 4th

I prefer dealing with mystery shop companies that allow you to schedule jobs days in advance, sometimes even weeks, allowing you time to plan. Generally they allow you to fix your errors as well. Some mystery shop companies do not give you that chance, which is unfair to me.

I still check the other type as well, the sites that give you only one or two hours to perform the task, and fit those jobs around my previously scheduled shops.

Sites like Field Agent and Bounty are like that. In my experience, generally this type of Mystery Shop company pays less. I’ve already recommended  not to use your credit card with Field Agent. I will explain why soon.

I have much to share. My next share will be a survey company. Survey Lion is consistent, I average $9  every three months. Many of you just laughed, and thought what a waste of your time. Hey that’s cool, if you aren’t in that big a need, that’s great for you. Some of us need every dollar we can muster. I suspect as Survey Lion grows in size, more and more surveys will be available to them.

I thought it was best we start small. Remember remember no links to Mystery Shop companies or survey companies are click-throughs. I am not earning referral costs.

It would be awesome if you could say hi if you do Canadian Mystery Shops.

At writing I only have three mystery shops assigned to me next week. I do have applications in for long drives Friday and Saturday. After that I will be taking off approximately two weeks for personal reasons. This is part of the reason the blog is started now, I know I have the time to set up the framework. I’m really not blog knowledgeable and will be moving slowly.

Previous Week Recap

I survived!! The projection was met, but I worked hard. Approximately 55 hours.

ALOT of driving this week. So, so, much driving.  Lucky for me, I enjoy watching the country side whiz by.

February 19th to February 25th

I do hope everyone has a wonderful Family Day. All provinces and territories not celebrating yet, come on, what are you waiting for? #Canadaone

The week of February 19th to February 25th is super busy for me. Eight to twelve-hour days Tuesday to Sunday. No joke. Definitely full-time hours. The jobs are audits and mystery shops this week. Quite a lucky week, indeed.

My motto is: you gotta work when the opportunity rears it’s head. The ebb and flow is unpredictable.

As long as I can squeeze in the work, I will take near any profitable mystery shop made available to me. $1200 is the projected earnings for this week. Approximately 35 mystery shops are lined up for me. I understand it is hard to believe, I barely believe it and I’m living it. Over time you will come to see I type the truth.

It is not the first time I’ve earned that much in a week, but in full disclosure, it is rare. Generally a two or three hundred-dollar week is good, I do not want to mislead you with this blog beginning through a very busy period. There are weeks no jobs are available.

Previous Week Recap

This is where the blog starts.  The week of February 12th to February 18th I worked most of the week. $450 was made. I can see weeks of work ahead.

I’d love to chat with other mystery shoppers, especially from Canada. Please leave a comment if you are a mystery shopper.


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