I have been a Survey Lion member for five years now. Research leads me to feel they have been around Canada since 1980. Their surveys are often on Canadian current events, which I, personally, find interesting.

Generally, I average $7 to $9 every two months. That is the pay cycle for the company. Most surveys pay $2 or $3.

Not alot of money I know, but the surveys are quick and easy to complete. Most accessible by phone, as well, as computer.

Payment is sent by a cheque. The one thing you need to remember is you need to request the payment. At the earliest you need to go back 24 hours after completing a survey to request the payment. For additional surveys you will need to re-request the pay to be added to the total.

I have always received my cheque, as per their bi-monthly pay cycle. I also received my $5 referral for one friend that joined.

I gave them 8 out of 10 for their consistency.


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