I’ve been using Bounty for about two years now. They mostly list mystery shops, though there have been surveys, as well.

Bounty is ran by Twentify. A Istanbul-based company. Their getbounty app connects Canadians to local mystery shops.

Their app offers the shortest amount of time to complete a task of any mystery shop company I’m involved with. Only one hour. Preparing ahead of time is limited, since travel time isn’t aways completely calculable.

After your job has been approved, you’ll need to request payment to receive it. Which is sent to you through paypal.

I have always received my pay and the staff at Twentify have always been quick and friendly to respond anytime I’ve had a question.

Because of the limited jobs, having to request your money and the only one hour to complete jobs, I gave Bounty a 7.

Let me know your Bounty experiences or just say hi. I’d love to hear from other Canadian Mystery Shoppers.

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