Canadian Twitter Parties

I love me a Twitter party. What is a Twitter party you ask? One of my hobbies.

It is a gathering that occurs on Twitter, generally hosted by a sponsor who is promoting something and working up a buzz in twitterland. Their goal is to trend so the #hashtag they’ve picked is as exposed to as many people as possible. To trend means the #hashtag is one of the top 10 convos on twitter at that time.

If there are prizes, there will probably be a few rules you need to ensure you are following to qualify. Like which #hashtag you must use in your messages and which party hosts you need to follow. Many twitter parties also need you to RSVP. You just need to ensure you are reading all rules so you are in the know. My same suggestion in my Mystery Shopping Tips.

I’ve won prizes so I know most hosts are legitimate.

There are many Canadian Twitter Party Lists out there. Some more updated/detailed than others. Over time you will find your favourite. Mommy Outside The Box  is a Canadian Twitter Party list that has been around a long time now.

I am not running a list. simply ensuring you know about a great way to have some awesome conversations, learn a lot from your peers, maybe share your own wisdom and possibly win a prize. It’s a great, usually, hour filled with laughs and always food porn. You won’t believe how fast the time goes with all the fun you’re having. You may even make a new friend or two.

Simply searching on twitter for “twitter party” will find them all. After that sorting through for parties that Canadians can attend can be the problem. That’s why the Canadian Twitter Party Lists are great, however not every party is always listed. Some parties don’t really need to bother, the host’s own promotion and word of mouth is often enough. 

Twitter parties are good for someone in need of conversation or companionship.

My biggest twitter party prize was $250 Visa.

What’s yours? Tell me in the comments.

If you have questions I may be able to help. You can ask in comments or use the contact form.

Be great if you could say hi too!

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