ISS – ISecretShop – 9 out of 10

It is just over two years that I’ve been with ISS.

ISecretShop is setup like Gigwalk. It is like a database that allows other mystery shopping companies to list their jobs. You would only contact ISS for technical questions about the app or web page. You would contact the MSP of the job for any questions in regards to the Mystery Shop that you requested and was approved to do.

Each job is paid on a different schedule. So you need to be up on details to know that. All completed jobs are listed under Payments as unpaid. That changes to Paid and date when your payment is deposited straight to pay pal. No requesting needed. They know you want your money.

They have many French language jobs.

They also goes through spurts with occasional quiet time. That is part of the reason why I rated them 9 out of 10. No consistency in work possibilities.

I enjoy my jobs with ISS, many repetitive high paying audits that I always snag my maximum 10 allowed jobs assigned at a time. A second part that contributed to the whole point deduction. I don’t like being limited in jobs I can request. Especially when accepting a regular very low paying job counts as six jobs for the time it’s accepted. Ridiculous.

You can make money here. Make sure you have notifications on and you’ll know instantly of new listings.

I’d love to hear about your own ISS experiences or just say hi. I’d also love to hear from other Canadian Mystery Shoppers!




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