Hello! Welcome to my new blog.

It is still a mess. Please bare with me while I settle.

Where the blog is brand new, it is actually years in the making. I have been working for various mystery shop and survey companies that allow Canadian employees; weeding out the scammers and finding a few gems along the way.

Check out what I’m up to this week.

Presently, there are many cheque cashing scams out there. Never deal with those companies. Also, you do not need to be a paid member to do mystery shops. Do not deal with those companies, either.

You just need a phone, with a camera, a PayPal account and a way around. A car to get around the city, is best, but that isn’t a must. A bus will work just as well, it’s just your time is more limited. Effecting your profit.

I have been working mystery shops for years, now. It is fun for me to put on a secret persona and, basically, carry out secret missions.

My dream mystery shop is the illusive hotel shops. Overnight in a 3 or 4 star hotel. Most expensives paid. I just haven’t been lucky enough, yet, to see the job be listed on a day I could go. Not even counting the fact 100s of people are probably trying for the job. One day it’ll click.

I have a few survey sites I do as well. The balance grows slowly, but I take all the money I can.

I belong to about 19 different mystery shopping companies now. Many only seem to have a few contracts, but all are actively seeking new shoppers. Check back often to see the growing list.

I would love to hear from other mystery shoppers.

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